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Animal visits

All of the animals will be chosen for the age range of your children.

Each work shop is per class with a max of 30 children for the full hands on experience.

For children with special educational needs we recommend the groups to be a smaller (depending on the needs of the children)

Caring for pets

Meet some cute and cuddly pets

and find out how they should be looked after.

Teaching basic husbandry and pet responsibility.

Clover the guinea pig

african pygmy hedgehog and baby great party animal


Discover animals from all over the world and find out how they have adapted to live in thier different environments.

Cool classification

Explains how we put animals into groups and shows the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates.

Bizet the little burrowing owl. he is native to America life span 15 years diet - insects and small birds and rodents. Great party animal

Endangered animals

Find out what it means to be an endangered animal and why so many animals face extinction.

Circle of life

Meet some baby animals!! See the differences between animal life cycles and how they develop and change.

Out of eggs

Meet some baby animals with a difference they are all out of eggs

I also bring some eggs so you can guess who came from which egg.


Lets children discover what it's really like to go to a rainforest, venture through the layers and encounter the animals that live there.

duckling we have our duckings from oak meadow farm even year thank you gail!!

Day and night

Why do some animals come out at night? Lets look at nocturnal and diurnal animals and see how they are different.

Strictly nocturnal

Lets focus just on noctural animals and see how they live -


sugar glider. This is Humbug our baby sugar glider.Sugar gliders are native to australia, They have wings but they don't really fly - they glide! They eat fruit and nectar. They are marsupials (they have a pouch) They normally have one or two joeys at a time.

Percy the park keeper

Meet the animals that percy looks after in his park and find out what makes them so special.

including rabbits, owls and even hedgehogs.

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Woodland animals

Take a walk through the woods today and you will be in for a great surprise! Meet real woodland animals in your classroom.

brian the snail Giant african land snail life span 10 years diet - salad, fruit, leaves and veg

Our senses

Give children the chance to explore their five senses and compare them to those of the animals


Mini beasts

Explains how we put animals into groups and explore a selection of tropical invertebrates.

Rosie chilian rose tarantula origin - chille - south america diet - insects life span 15 years

Out of Africa

Lets look at the smaller animals that inhabit Africa - sorry no elephant or lions in the classroom!!

wally species ( Yellow thighed caique parrot) also known as clown parrots as they are so good at tricks diet seeds, nut, berries and fruit life span 50 years

New topics for 2020 on news page!

All workshops are hands on so everyone gets the chance to get close up and personal with the animals if they want to.